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About Us

Ebook Reader Thailand webstore (www.ebookreaderthailand.com) was initiated at mid-2012 and formally launches on 6 Sep 2012, the same day Amazon annouces their Kindle Paperwhite and other Kindle Fire tablets.




We aims to bring a convenient online purchase solution to people who live in the countries where Kindles are not available to ship.


Product Selection


Our category managers are very picky on category and product selection. We would not easily set up a new category. However, once a new category is included, we will introduce the best items of that category for you. We do not fancy being the next Amazon.com nor BestBuy.com, we just want to be your best destination for buying Kindles and accessories.


Fast Shipping


Fast shipping is something we have been insisting. Unlike many other individual sellers or small businesses, we have our own warehouse to keep certain level of stock. After receiving your order and payment, our administrating staff will schedule your order and hand it to the shipping deparment. To further confort you, we offer door to door speedy delivery.


Efficient Customer Service

Backed by the customer support team of our parent company, we are able to provide outstanding customer service. Our customer support team are on position nearly 18 hours per day. Most of our customers give us thumb up for efficient email responses.

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